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About Us


  • Company Summary
    (DM) is a consultancy firm that will design, build, test and deploy effective digital marketing campaigns, backed up by certified Digital Marketing Consultants. It will also report the progress of the campaign in real-time to provide clients with maximum flexibility. At the end of the campaign, DM will analyse its success in order to improve future campaigns.
  • Mission & Values
    Our mission is to become the point of reference for Digital Marketing Consultancy in Egypt; by helping our clients exceed their marketing goals through delivering the highest level of professional counsel, strategic & creative solutions in a timely manner. Digital Matters will strive on the core equities of its owners (integrity, expertise & impeccable customer service) to establish itself as the indisputable partner in “Digital Matters”
  • Business Philosophy
    Digital Matters (DM) will offer digital marketing solutions to companies looking to employ digital marketing techniques as the cornerstone of their marketing programs, as well as a complementing their offline marketing efforts. DM specialises in successful digital marketing campaigns, Founder & Managing Director Mohamed ElEzaby is a certified Digital Marketing Consultant with 17+ years in the marketing/communications’ industry across markets.

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