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How Much Does A Mobile App Cost?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by clients & entrepreneurs!   The question is driven by the mobile app craze which does not look its going to subside any time soon. According to “smart phone users spend 89% of their time using mobile apps”. As per same report “world wide mobile […]


Stop getting those annoying Facebook game requests!

Game invites on Facebook are quite annoying, especially when you are not playing that game. You first politely ask your friends (through posting a status update) to stop sending you the invites. When you do that for a few times and still get invites, a more radical message is needed:             […]


Websites Are Dead!

Facebook business pages are so popular that most people think they don’t need a website anymore. The ease of use and “free cost” of having your business up and running in virtually no time, is viewed by many as alternatives to websites. I have seen business cards with Facebook page listed as website URL, i have […]


Protect Your Online Identity

Most people are very careful with personal documents such as a credit card, birth certificate or driver’s license. You keep them in a safe place and wouldn’t give them to someone you didn’t know or trust.You should do the same thing with your personal information online to prevent others from using this information to impersonate […]


Effectively Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site mainly used for professional networking. This is not just another social media site, as evident from its increased popularity & importance as part of the digital marketing mix. Registered users have consistently increased over the past 18 months to reach well over 200 Million Registered users. LinkedIn has […]