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Digital Brand Manual

What is a Digital Brand Manual?



A Digital Brand Manual is a book of rules… Just like a brand guidebook or corporate identity manual (also referred to as brand guidelines – brand identity) – it has everything that is related to the usage of the brand on the world wide web, from your own presence (social media properties – website – blog – email templates…etc) to presence on other websites – branding on portals & partner websites.




The guidebook includes:

1. General Rules: What the brand can & cannot do

2. Branding Guidelines: How to use the brand identity

3. Frequency of Posts: How many times should we talk to our fans?

4. Timing of Posts: When to post

5. Types of POST

6. Tone of POST

7. Language of POST

8. Response Language

9. Response duration

10. Reporting system

11. Handling feedback

12. #’s & @’s: Hashtags & ATs

This guidebook is not a luxury to brands anymore, it is an essential part of any serious brand about digital marketing

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