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Offline media audit

“If you are not measuring, you are not marketing” – Anonymous

One of the main challenges facing today’s marketeers is effective measurement of marketing efforts. i.e. effectiveness of certain marketing programs, media vehicles…etc.

Marketing on the digital sphere is relatively easy since the information is readily available, one would need knowledge – or a knowledgable partner to “read” between the lines and measure effectively. The offline world, however, is a completely different story, consider the following example:

“We have invested 1,000,000 Egyptian pounds in offline marketing, and our revenue for the same period is 10,000,000” – this is probably the best kind of measurement available; since the information available is based on opinions, aggregates, averages and weights which “might” provide enough information, yet definitely not enough to answer questions like:

  • Can we achieve more revenue investing the same amount? Or, can we achieve same revenue, investing less?
  • Which vehicle was most effective generating the highest response? Was it TV, print, billboards or that trade show?
  • Can we remove “X” publication from the mix?
  • Do we really need billboards? And many more unanswered questions…

Consider TV advertising for example, one would find it very hard to chose which channels to invest in, especially that there is a new one coming up everyday. Some companies have the economic strength to go for a “shot gun” approach; meaning, airing the commercial on all available channels hoping to reach their desired target. This approach is not commonly used these days for well known reasons. The other choice is to go for specific programs across channels that (we know) or (we are told) that has a high viewership. The questions become, which one of these programs yield the highest return? Is anyone measuring it?

Another example is billboards, one cannot deny the importance of this media; yet, which location is better? Is the one on the bridge better, where people are stuck for two hours in traffic thinking about when will they reach their destination? or the one on the highway where people are traveling and their mind set might be ready for a promotional message? Is anyone measuring the effectiveness? Certainly hope so, otherwise this is huge waste when it comes to media investment.

The answer to these question are crucial to companies operating in today’s competitive environment and economic down turn. The knowledge gained by measuring the effectiveness of everything we do, is priceless.

The point is, without effective measurements, today’s marketeers in the offline world depend on experience, advise, history and gut-feeling; which are all needed – yet when all these attributes are combined with hard figures, the results will certainly be outstanding.

Welcome to “Offline Media Audit – OMA”; the solution to measuring the effectiveness of any offline activity you are planning to run. With OMA, you will be able to know exactly which media vehicle is ideal for that target audience, hence saving you valuable dollars to invest in another product/service.

We can track ANY vehicle, including but not limited to:

  • TV
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Billboards
  • Collateral material – leaflets, brochures, posters…etc
  • Activations/Events