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Marketing Analytics

Web marketing analytic is a method to evaluate and measure the marketing initiatives. It helps to identify the gap between the retailers and customers. In other words, web marketing analytic is a systematic study of the results derived from the market analysis conducted by the experts. It can also provide an insight in the manner people use the website, showing the correct path to connect with the customers worldwide. There are various metrics that can be used to measure the effectiveness of the online advertisements; for example click through rate and impression. With the metrics and analysis, the site owners can check out for what customers are looking for. The information derived from these tools is valuable and can easily target the online merchants.

Web marketing analytics have been gaining popularity among websites. It is a great tool to analyze the current market trend targeting the visitors. The benefits of web marketing analytics include monitoring the potential visitors and users, optimize the website and formulate sales and e-marketing plan. There are a number of web analytics available in the market; one among them is site statistics, offering loads of information which can identify the number of unique visitors, and entry & exit pages. This tool also gives the average time the user spent on the website with the conversion ratio and the customer related information.