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Stop getting those annoying Facebook game requests!

Game invites on Facebook are quite annoying, especially when you are not playing that game. You first politely ask your friends (through posting a status update) to stop sending you the invites. When you do that for a few times and still get invites, a more radical message is needed:


candy crush stop











When that does not work either (it usually doesn’t), you start posting something like this:


Screenshot 2014-09-23 15.23.54








followed up by this:


Screenshot 2014-09-23 15.24.01








There is actually a much easier way to stop receiving those game invites without the need to unfriend (unless its an excuse to get rid of some of those “friends”).


Here we go:


1. Click on the arrow:


Screenshot 2014-09-23 15.24.17
















2. Click on settings


Screenshot 2014-09-23 15.24.28





























3. Click “Blocking”


Screenshot 2014-09-23 15.24.36

























4. Go to Block App, and start typing the App you want to block, then select it… That’s It.


Screenshot 2014-09-23 15.30.36

Screenshot 2014-09-23 15.30.45


































No more game invites…




Alternative method:


1. Login to Facebook and visit the requests page in the App Center



2. Find the app you want to block Facebook game requests for and click the “X.”


Screenshot 2014-09-23 15.30.53









This will decline any requests to play this Facebook game.

Note: this will bring up the following menu with additional option. Here, you can block a specific game and even ignore all requests from a friend.



3. In the yellow box, click “ignore all requests from” and you’ll never receive another invite from that friend again


Screenshot 2014-09-23 15.30.58








Anything bothering you on Facebook like this, let us know and we will post a solution within one week…